Public service workers warned of instant dismissal if caught engaging in corrupt activities

The acting Lusaka District Commissioner Gertrude Chasaya, has warned public service workers that are allegedly engaging in corrupt activities of instant dismissal if caught in the act. The warning comes in the wake of reports alleging that some officers are charging the public for service delivery. 

Mrs. Chasaya reiterated that the Lusaka District Administration will not shield any public service worker found engaging in corrupt activities and related vices from being arrested by security wings.

Mrs. Chasaya further reminded the civil servants to familiarize themselves with the General Orders and Code of Ethics so that they know what is expected of them.

“President Edgar Lungu’s administration abhors corruption and related vices in the provision of services to the public. Corruption is a serious crime, once you are found practicing it, you get arrested as well as lose your jobs with immediately”.


“If such an action keeps on taking place, then Zambia will have a lot of aliens consequently most businesses will be taken over by them and the Zambian people would become poor, ” said Mrs. Chasaya

Mrs. Chasaya said the country’s state security would be questionable if it becomes easy for any foreigners to easily own citizenship because any person can be sent to spy the country.

Apart from the issue of corruption, the DC urged the general workers to be hard working in terms of cleaning the offices as well as the work premises. She further told all the workers to be smart at all time when reporting for work so that they may look presentable.

Mr Chasaya also warned Heads of Government Departments (HoDs) and other public service workers in the district that she will not hesitate to institute disciplinary action against them for poor service delivery.

Mrs. Chasaya said her office has noted with dismay the apparent laxity by some public service workers in the execution of their duties thereby making the public to complain.

The Acting Lusaka District Commissioner sounded the warning during a General departmental meeting with some HoDs and support staff last week morning. She further warned that reporting late for work and knocking off early from work will attract sanction.

“I have also noted that there is a lot of careless talking and disrespect for authority and this behavior should come to an end”, Mrs. Chasaya observed.

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