There Are Only Two Political Parties In Zambia UNIP and MMD, The Rest Are Merely Personal Projects

An outspoken member of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy MMD Youth Prince Ndoyi, has said Zambia now has only has two political parties. Describing the rest as personal projects formed out of envy, ambition and power hungry individuals. 

Ndoyi claimed the PF are in power today, as a result of the fact their founding president succeeded where others are failing, branding their personal projects as national projects. 

“MMD was a revolutionary movement that came after men and women felt UNIP was going astray with its nonsense of a One-Party-State. Likewise UNIP was also born as a collective to attain our liberation from the shackles of colonial enslavement. No one during these movements had a personal claim on leadership or presidency.”

“With regards to UPND it was born after a certain wealthy Bauleni Ward Chairman was blocked from standing against FTJ. PF, Heritage and these others on the other hand are actually products borne out of personal egos after they were overlooked in the line of succession,” he said.

Ndoyi added that even the newly formed National Democratic Congress and Democratic Party are family projects which Zambians should be weary of unless otherwise.

“NDC, DP and these other mushrooming parties are all as a result of ambitions not being met, no wonder you hear after some time some actually close their shops and head back to their mother party for instance Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa had Democratic Front and Eric Chanda Had 4th Revolution Movement but where are they today? Back in the boat,” he said.

He has since advised young people to stop following their leaders blindly because the consequences of doing so are that they would be destitute once their leaders decide to go back to their political parties.

“The disastrous consequences of following such movements is that you are likely to be political destitutes once your leader is forgiven or given what he or she wanted in the first instance….for instance while Eric Chanda is today writing an application to the PF SG for readmission, what’s the fate of his supporters who genuinely believed in him and actually even voted for him? Look at GBM!

“It’s always politically smart to attach yourself to a cause than an individuals cause coz while it’s easier for these “Rebels” or “Prodigal Sons” to be forgiven and readmitted in the mainstream leadership it’s not always the case with the followers as you find your space occupied by someone else,” he said.

He further strongly warned the Zambian people to develop political foresight and to stop being easily excited with anything.

“Zambians must not be easily excited by people who want to take advantage of their misfortunes with the economy and the current leadership, so as to ascend to leadership when in fact they don’t care about the people but themselves and their ambitions. True revolutions and movements anywhere in the world are not created by political leaders but the people and a true revolution naturally finds its own leaders.”

On the issue of the MMD, which many consider to be the mother of Democracy in the country, Ndoyi said the leadership of the party is working tirelessly to bring it to its former glory.

“And let every one know, including our former president Dr. Mumba that whether they wish us well or ill, that as a party we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of our once mighty movement that brought enormous development to this country second to none,” he said.

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