Zambia and Congo Agree on Safety


Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo -DRC- have agreed to continue monitoring the security situation and congestion at the Kasumbalesa border to ensure safety of transporters.

This was during a Zambia joint Trade ministerial meeting held at the Kasumbalesa Border attended by Commerce Minister Christopher Yaluma and Congolese Minister for External Trade Lambert Matuka Memas.

Mr. Yaluma in his opening remarks informed the meeting that a Zambian truck driver was attacked by suspected uniformed personnel in the Congo. Stating there is urgent need to provide a safe passage for all transporters in the Congo.

Mr. Yaluma added that Congo D.R remains strategic trade partner for Zambia hence the need to put in place stringent security measures for trade to thrive between the two Countries.

He called to operationalise the One Stop Border post at Kasumbalesa for smooth management and prompt border clearance to curb illegal trade.

Mr. Memas told the meeting that the head of the Army in that Country has been instructed to operate from Katanga province until the security situation for all transporters into the Congo is guaranteed.

He said there has been a general improvement in security for transporters into the Congo.

The meeting also resolved to collaborate on infrastructure needs and improvement at Kasumbalesa border to facilitate the smooth flow of trade.

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