IBA Will Not Revoke Prime TV Suspension

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A number of international and local bodies have criticised the decision by the IBA to suspend Prime TV’s license.


However, despite this pressure the IBA has said that it will not be bullied by any eternal forces into lifting the suspension of Prime TV’s license.


The interim IBA chairperson Chanda Kasolo has stated that the IBA does not ‘operate under pressure from any politician or civil society group.’


Mr. Kasolo, who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary, stated that the law is the law and the IBA applies the law as it is.


In defence of the suspension Mr Kasolo claims that in addition to violating conditions of its license the TV station also neglected to reply to several warnings from the IBVA.


Mr. Kasolo stated that the 30 days suspension will thus run as directed and the local TV station is expected to meet all conditions the IBA has given to it before the suspension is lifted.


Information and Broadcasting Minister has lashed out at those commenting on the issue appealing to them not to make a statement on the suspension before understanding what happened.


Many view this incident as another example of government stifling opposition media.  

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