The PF may face major scrutiny at International Criminal Court (ICC)


Just last week the President directed his Justice Secretary to invite the ICC to investigate – he may be regretting that decision now.  According to a report, 98% of Zambians would be willing to testify against the PF at ICC.


The highest level of support has come from the Southern Province (95%), whilst the lowest level has come from the Copperbelt province (60%) – regardless potential involvement in such testimonies remains high.


These figures reflect the growing discontentment with the PF’s regime – one characterised by brutality and intimidation. The report highlights that almost half of the country feels unsafe under the PF.


In compiling the report, State House took 10 people from various gatherings, ranging from weddings to markets to church gatherings and public transport, to hear their thoughts.


President Edgar Lungu fears that should this issue appear before the ICC it could lead to self-determination of the Southern West half of the country. This right to self-determination could have a range of consequences, such as political independence. 

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