Lungu: Too Soon To Campaign For 2021 Elections?

President Lungu has formally announced that he will take part in the 2021 Elections, and has emphasised that Zambia will hold peaceful elections – to many, this is hard to believe given the extent of violence that has dominated previous elections, most recently seen in Sesheke.


The Head of State has said that Zambia is a Christian nation and will abide by the One Zambia One Nation motto, coined by first Republican President Kenneth Kaunda.


However, UPND Spokesperson, Charles Kakoma has expressed frustration in the manner in which the PF has been running its election campaign so far:


“The distribution of bicycles branded in the green colours typical of the PF is also another illegal scheme, a breach of the Electoral Code of Conduct which violates the electoral principles of “no campaigns before campaign period”, let alone the use of election materials meant to jeopardize and contravene the very code.”


He further stated: “The PF’s ongoing exertion of force and undue influence on traditional leaders in certain parts of the country in order for them to influence their subjects to reject opposition leaders from other areas of the country is another move the PF is using to prepare itself for 2021.”

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