Roan Seat Declared Vacant


The Speaker of the National Assembly has declared Roan Constituency which was being held by former PF member Dr Chishimba Kambwili.


The seat was declared vacant following a point of order raised by Malambo MP Makebi Zulu, who questioned whether Dr Kambwili could remain in the House as a PF MP given, he had publicly declared that he was a member of the opposition NDC.


Dr Kambwili has stated he won’t fight to keep the Roan seat but claimed the Speaker was forced into declaring the seat vacant by the President.


“I have been reliably informed by my state house sources that my roan parliamentary seat will be declared vacant today. I have tried to avoid a costly by election in Roan for the sole reason that the people of Roan gave me a 5-year mandate in 2016 and being a responsible and genuine leader, I tried to make sure a bye election is avoided,” Dr Kambwili said.


The former Roan MP also noted that it was unfortunate that during farming season his residents will be distracted from making a living by a costly by-election, causing unnecessary disturbance.


He finished by stating; “Despite the grave inconvenience your chance has come albeit unnecessarily to once again select a leader to represent you in parliament. We will go back to roan constituency and ask them the same question we have asked in the past elections, we are ready to battle for the roan seat because we have all the confidence in the people and our works.”

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