Opposition Alliance Tell PF To ‘Tame’ Sunday Chanda


An alliance formed of 10 opposition parties has expressed their concern over Sunday Chanda’s repeated attack on their leaders. The Alliance’s Chairperson Sean Tembo noted that President Lungu is responsible for his staff and therefore the unprovoked insults often wielded by Sunday Chanda.


“If President Lungu wants to argue that he is not aware of the insults that his PF party has been continuously showering on political opponents, then he is by default admitting that he is a spineless leader who is not in control of his political party and that the ruling Patriotic Front is a dysfunctional organization where any party official says what they want without any procedure, protocol or chain of command”, Mr. Tembo added.


Mr. Tembo said President Lungu must note that Opposition Alliance leaders have respect for him and they would not want to publicly trade insults with him, but they will not be shy to respond accordingly, should his unprovoked insults on them, through his proxies like Sunday Chanda continue.

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