Opposition Crack Down Continues – Police Deny Kambwili Permission To Hold Indoor Meeting

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The NDC has been denied permission to hold a meeting indoors in Kitwe. They had applied to hold a provincial consultative meeting today in Chillers corner with the District membership.


Party Secretary General Mwenya Musenge noted he was incredibly disappointed as they had met all necessary requirements, including giving the police 7 days’ notice.


“Police have informed us that our meeting cannot be sanctioned owing to security threats that the police have received intelligence information that PF carders plan to attack delegates to this meeting. As a party, we urge all NDC members at various district levels to proceed and attend this meeting”, Mr. Musenge said.


He said the meeting will go ahead with or without police presence and if the police cannot protect them, they are ready to defend ourselves. He said the move by police to deny them a permit is purely political and out of spite.

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