Leaky Pipes Cause Water Contamination In Lusaka


Today the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company has disclosed that there is indeed contamination in some parts of Lusaka. Affected areas include Ibex Hill, Nyumba Yanga and Malata area near Kabulonga.


Managing Director Jonathan Kampata explained that the contamination was not from the LWSC water supply but due to a leaking pipe. Begging the question, what quality were the pipes to begin with? For months now there have been concerns over PF spending allocations with former PF MP for Roan Chishimba Kambwili arguing that ministers are siphoning off funds themselves. The state of Lusaka’s water supply system is certainly below standards and would arguably benefit for greater government funding.

He has since advised residents in the affected areas to take precautionary measures such as boiling water and emptying water tanks before refilling them.

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