National Dialogue Saga Continues – PF Threaten to pull President Lungu Out


The Patriotic Front Mobilizing Committee and Chairperson Dr Charles Banda has caused more issues for the National Dialogue by chastising the committee, he made the statement today noting that if the President is embarrassed, he will pull out.


Dr Banda drew comparisons to 1996-97 when a similar conference was called to discuss national problems. He noted that some political leaders and presidents of political parties thought it was a time to challenge, intimidate and disrespect the sitting President, then late Republican President Mr. Frederick Chiluba and it had to take the National Secretary of the MMD, Brigadier General Miyanda to take his party president out of the meeting.


However, it is worth bearing in mind that the late President Chiluba faced criminal trial over the embezzling of state funds. Dr Banda arguable treads a dangerous line by noting that any criticism of the President will see him withdraw from the National Dialogue. No man, not even the President should be above the law and the National Dialogue seeks to find a better way forward for Zambians and democracy, President Lungu should be prepared to fully engage with humility if it is to succeed.



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