Kambwili Calls on Civil Servants to Ask for More


Former PF member and current National Democratic Congress (NDC) consultant Chishimba Kambwili has called on Civil Servants to reject anything less than a 50% pay rise.


In woodlands, earlier this week he stated that Cabinet Ministers were always awarding themselves hefty pay rises, therefore civil servants should be shown the same treatment.


He called on Unions to be stronger when it comes to negotiating salary increments and criticised the unjustified salaries of many PF Ministers. Indeed, the President himself saw his own assets double in just 16 months after coming to office. His net worth went from K10.9 million to K23.7 million with very little explanation.


The Roan maker said he had an inventory of properties that cabinet ministers were building from illegal income.


“We have a record of all the property you (ministers) have and the names of the third parties in which you have put the property. When I come in power all the property you have stolen will be taken back to the state,” said Kambwili who ironically is in court for having transferred properties into his son’s name under Mwamona Investments.

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