PF Used Social Cash Transfer Funds To Pay for By-Elections


 The People’s Alliance for Change has alleged that the PF, who have known about the social cash transfer fraud for some time, have in fact been using the money themselves to help fund by-elections.

PAC President Andyford Bands said; ‘“PF has been winning by elections just as much as the government has expanded SCT to all the districts which actually doesn’t exist. Sooner or later, our dear humble leader will find out how induced these election wins have been just as he discovered on SCT,” Mr Banda warned.’


Resonating many other opposition politicians Banda stated that this scandal has been an embarrassment for all Zambians and evidence that the PF government have let us down.


He said Zambia should have started working swiftly towards self sustainability.

“If we want to be self sustained we have to work towards self sustainability. We can’t just be doing nothing about it expect to achieve self sustainability. By the way it won’t happen overnight it’s a process. Yes it’s frustrating that we have to find ourselves in such a mess.”


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