Now the Ministry of Education Is Embroiled in a Corruption Scandal


Africa reports has released another damming article on corruption within the Ministry of Educator – with sources saying that this scandal is much bigger than the Social Cash Transfer theft.


The total amount of funds embezzled is not yet known, but it is said to have come from manipulation of the internal payments and procurement system and be worth tens of, millions of dollars.


In another worrying turn of events it has been uncovered that President Lungu has known about this and corruption in the social cash scheme for over 6 months. Yet he has repeatedly told citizens this week he is just learning about the problem.


In addition, the report has uncovered PF government have broken their austerity promise and been spending far beyond their means with the purchase of two military transport aircrafts at $95 million each, bought with a loan. They have then taken another loan out for Israeli electronics worth $400 million.


The government currently estimates its foreign debt at $9.3 bn. However, project loans with Chinese companies not included in that figure total as much as $5 bn.


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