HH Calls For Peaceful Protest and Claims Lungu Wants Him Dead


UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has alleged that he has evidence President Lungu wants him dead.

Whilst addressing journalists yesterday he told the audience he had intelligence that suggested the President was disappointed that HH had not died during his time in detention.

He has made his intentions for a peaceful protest clear too, charging that he will follow the rules and apply for a police permit to hold a peaceful protest against what he has labelled blatant corruption in the of PF government.

He went onto call on Zambians to join him, reminding them that it is their money on the line when governments misbehave.

Meanwhile the UPND Leader has proposed that the constitution be changed so that in an event an elected officer such as a Member of Parliament, Mayor, Council Chairperson or Councilor dies, the person who came out second should take over to avoid wasting resources through by-elections.

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