Mulenga Sata Changes Sides Again

Former President Sata’s son has decided to rejoining the PF following his defection in 2016. He has declared that this move comes from his desire to be Lusaka Mayor.

Prior to his defection he had been a key member of the PF, working in State House as a Permanent Secretary before being abruptly moved to a provincial position. At the time it was rumoured President Lungu instigated the move in order to tighten his own grip on power and demonstrate his authority as the new PF leader.

After running for the UPND in Kabwata in 2016 he lost to Given Lubinda and subsequently ‘quit’ active politics to concentrate on farming. However it appears that his farming endeavours for short lived and the pull of politics too strong.

At a meeting earlier today he was welcomed by Party Secretary General Davies Mwila.

Mr Sata remarked that “In the manner of the prodigal son, I herewith have seen the light: ‘once I was lost but now I am found’.

He added, The family of the Patriotic Front (PF) is what has made me what I am known to be as a politician. Whereas I started as a councillor, deputy mayor then mayor of Lusaka, Lusaka Province minister, State House minister served as vice publicity secretary at ward level, Lusaka District Chairman, vice treasurer Lusaka Province, I felt like a transplanted tree… deep down I knew that the essential nutrients needed to flourish were missing where I had gone.”

Mr Sata has since declared his intentions to contest the position of Lusaka Mayor.“The upcoming elections of Lusaka Mayor will help cement the real growth and dominance of the PF in Lusaka. This vacant position as you may all be aware was once a position I held. I know the entire city of Lusaka and the majority of residents are familiar with both my name and face.”

“Many plans and programs that were initiated were not implemented as I only served for few months. My heart desires to fulfill my dream to see a transformed city of Lusaka. With that said, allow me to declare my interest to contest as executive mayor of Lusaka. As the saying goes, “once a mayor always a mayor.”

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