Is Given Lubinda Making A Play For The Presidency?

Rumours are swirling that Given Lubinda is on the bad books with his PF colleagues. Sources have told us that his name is featured on a list of PF MPs that cadres believe are interfering in grassroots elections. The cadres have taken this list directly to the party secretariat asking for his removal and questioning his commitment to the PF and President Lungu. 


Lubinda, alongside Jean Kapata and Nkandu Luo are said to be planting their preferred candidates in local elections to further their own agendas. Members of the PF are concerned that these three are trying to position themselves for the leadership as questions are raised over whether Lungu will in fact run until 2021.


Indeed Lubinda has had a rough wide to power with Wynter Kabimba almost single handedly pushing him out of the Patriotic Front when the former was the secretary general. Lubinda was labelled treacherous for allegedly inciting the opposition lawmakers to incite the executive in parliament by asking embarrassing questions.


Lubinda only survived that assault by the skin of his teeth when Kabimba ended up victim of his weapon.


But alas it seems there is now a target on his back and Lungu loyalists along with other PF members wanting the presidency will do all they can to get rid of him.

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