OYV Questions ZCID Ability To Run Dialogues

Operation Youth Vote has sided with the UAPDC and questioned the ability of ZCID to run the national dialogue.

PV director Guess Nyirenda said under the current regime, Zambia and Zambians have become very polarized, the director continued that it is regrettable that the efforts by the Commonwealth through Madam Patricia Scotland and Professor Gambari to bring about genuine dialogue in Zambia were hijacked by very ill intended manoeuvres.

The OYV has stated that the ruling party’s rejection and mobilization of its sympathizers through government machinery to reject the Commonwealth from Facilitating the National Dialogue was ill conceived. They contimnue that the PF merely meant to safe guard personal and partisan interests and wrong doing.

Mr. Nyirenda said the ZCID’s silence on a number of atrocities carried out by the PF, the failed National Democracy Stakeholders Summit organised by the ZCID among others are evidence of the ineptness of the ZCID.

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