PF Intra-Party Election Confusion Reflective of Rotten Government


The recent confusion and fighting during the Patriotic Front’s Copperbelt elections has revealed the extent to which the PF administration is falling apart.

During the election, those who have been described as “original” PF officials were prevented from casting their votes by their own party members, with blame being placed on individuals such as Ward Councillor William Nyirenda due to his criticism of PF policies. Additionally, in Chingola, there was another punch-up with more non-party officials being blamed for the chaos and violence. The chaos has reached a point where the elections in the Ndola Central Constituency were suspended.

Mr. Mwila, the PF Secretary, issued a statement outlining that the intra-party elections for the Eastern Province were called to strengthen democracy, not weaken it and that violence would not be condoned by the party. He also declared that those who have disrupted the election should be brought to justice and party members with information should report to the police.

Despite the secretary’s statements, the bust-ups and disruptions of the PF intra-elections highlights the broken and divided mess Lungu has created within the PF. They are also quicker to blame others rather than try to solve their own internal issues. The prevention of party officials from casting their own ballots or not showing respect for their own party members reveals that the PF is no longer capable of safely of running our country. 

What is clear is that the PF hierarchy are losing control of their own party, putting our country in an unbalanced and fragile position. 

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