UPND Will Not Attend Independence Day Celebrations


 UPND Secretary General, Stephen Katuka, has said that the UPND will not take part in Independence Day celebrations tomorrow as there is ‘nothing worth celebrating.’ The veteran UPND member stated that:


“Celebrations are a happy moment, so who is happy to celebrate, because there is nothing to celebrate for as the economic situation is bad, the poverty level is high”, he has said.


Katuka noted that the day acts as an excuse for a minority of people to wine and dine at statehouse at the expense of Zambians. Those who genuinely fought for Zambia’s freedom have been neglected and abandoned by government he stated. Those prospering played no part in the struggle for independence and that should not be celebrated.


Meanwhile, the General Secretary says he is not not sure whether the party president Hakainde Hichilema will issue a statement in relation to the independence celebrations but what is certain is that he will celebrate the day in his own way.

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