Op-ed: Banning of Students Unions at CBU and UNZA Threatens the Future of Our Country

Dear Editor,

The banning of students Unions at our universities is a clear move by the current government to suppress the student voice in our country. Not only are Unions crucial in the functioning of universities, but they are an essential part to securing the future success of Zambia. 

As suggested by former Copperbelt University Students Union Culture Secretary Garry Musonda, “Unions are needed in institutions of higher learning. The decision that was taken by Prof Luo to ban students union is ill timed. That is weakening the voice of students. Unions play a key role administering the affairs of students. That is the voice for students.”

However, the banning of Unions not only weakens students’ voice within our own institutions, but also the strength of our universities themselves. Without Unions, both the CBU and UNZA will not be able to compete with universities in other countries such as Kenya and South Africa. Strong universities and the ability for students to congregate and formulate their own opinions is key to the future success of Zambia.

Musonde stated he was happy that the Zambia National Students Union has challenged the decision, though he has called for students to continue to fight for their right to students Unions. It is clear that the current government has banned Unions to weaken our education services to ultimately prevent the educated youth from challenging the corrupt and broken hierarchy it has established. It is our responsibility as students to continue to challenge this decision and to confront Lungu’s government. 

From A Concerned Student

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