Crack Down on Opposition Continues, Riot Police Stop HH Touring Chawama

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On Sunday police in riot gear roamed Chawama township in an attempt to block UPND President Hakainde Hichilema from visiting the area.


The veteran opposition politician had announced a visit to Chawama to donate Genset at the Chawama Clinic to help ease the burden of load shedding. On the same trip he was due to visit Misisi and Kuku compounds, later meeting with Jack Compound where residents are having to manage 12 hours of load shedding a day.


However on Sunday morning there was a notably heavy presence of policy, with officers noting when asked that they were carrying out their orders to block Mr Hichilema from Chawama.


The UPND noted this was a yet another example of the PF blocking an individuals right to movment, something guaranteed by our constitution;


“As UPND when we take over the reins of power in 2021 from day one, we shall undertake to restore the rule of law and ensure all citizens regardless of political affiliation, enjoy all fundamental freedoms and basic rights as enshrined in our constitution. To the police, please remain there and other places to protect property and life in Chawama.”

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