HH Demands Government Pay Teachers


President of the UPND, Hakainde Hichilema has chastised the government for playing games with the nation’s teachers. He has urged the PF to be ‘humane’ and pay those teachers who marked the 2018 Grade 9 and 12 exams.


 A year on they are still waiting for payment, and the 2019 set of exams have yet to even be marked as the PF has no money to pay teachers.


Far from a new problem, the PF government has continually failed to provide enough funding for schools and universities across Zambia since Lungu came into power in 2015.


HH noted that the UPND continue to receive endless reports of PF maladministration and incompetence and highlighted that any serious government would treat the education sector as a priority.


Critics argue that corruption, incompetence and misguided priorities have led the PF to spend money earmarked for education on luxury jets, ministerial globetrotting and expensive by-elections


The problem extends beyond teachers, many civil servants are working under difficult circumstances with little to no resources to do their job.

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