Fight Continues for MMD Presidency


Felix Mutati and Nevers Mumba continue to fight over the MMD leadership. In the latest turn of events Nevers Mumba took Mutati to court seeking an intervention declaring Mutati’s presidency illegal.

 Prolonging the stalemate Mutati’s people simply rebuffed the court case by stating that they do not recognise Mumnba has MMD President.

Godfey Mapili, a supporter of Mutati noted; “Dr Mumba was elected in a series of provincial conventions, which has never happened before as the election of a President in our party is done through a convention, meaning the entire party across the country gathers in one place to vote for their leader,”

In a second blow to Nevers Mumba MMD Eastern Province Chairperson just this week informed the Lusaka High Court that Mumba was trying to ‘illegally distort the party constitution.’

“Dr Mumba was trying to take the party as though it was a church where only one person can be heard,” he said. 

The fight over MMD President has been going on since 2016 when during the Presidential elections Mutati announced himself leader and allied with the PF, meanwhile Nevers Mumba maintained he was leader and supported the UPND.

 Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Youths have called upon faction leaders Dr. Nevers Mumba and Hon. Felix Mutati to reconcile in the interest of the Party.

The Youths through their National Chairperson Mr. Dauzeni Tembo said that the leadership Impasse has paralyzed the party.

“We as the Youths of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy would today like to comment on the State of our party. The current leadership Impasse between Dr. Nevers Mumba and Hon. Felix Mutati has negatively affected our party. Our Members especially Us the Youths are fade up with this because it has paralyzed our party”, Mr. Tembo said.

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