Tensions Rise as President Lungu Says He’ll Shut Down UNZA and CBU

Earlier this week Nkanda Luo told UNZA and CBU staff to quit if they were going to complain about their unpaid salaries. Tensions have continued to rise with students airing their discontent at the current situation.


The President has weighed in on the issue and threatened to close both the CBU and UNZA if students at the two institutions continue protesting, he claimed that the student’s outrage was unjustified and that they were simply destroying public and institutional property. He told journalists in Kitwe, that should this continue he would simply close the universities – throwing the education of many Zambians into disarray.


President Lungu has urged politicians to stay away from institutions of higher learning and other similar facilities, to enable them run smoothly.


Tensions between both staff and students at Zambia’s top two higher learning institutions has continued to rise since the PF were re-elected in 2015. Lack of funding has led to several issues including unpaid salaries, lack of meal vouchers and a general lack of upkeep at the institutions, these reached fever pitch last year when student Vespers was killed by police tear gassing.

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