HH Brands the Suspension of 74 Striking Kabwe Municipal Workers as Dictatorial


UPND President and Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has said the decision made by the government to suspend 74 striking Kabwe Council Workers who were demanding their delayed salary is a clear sign of dictatorship.


Hichilema noted the delay in civil servant salaries has become a worrying trend, just recently University lecturers complained over delayed salaries and the President threatened to close down the university.


The veteran opposition leader pointed out that this is due to a clear lack of priorities in expenditure, with money instead being channelled into funding corruption, lavish lifestyles and misguided procurement.


With the cost of mealie meal and other essential commodities increasing, the delay in salaries is unbearable for the majority of citizens.


Mr. Hichilema said this is the same corruption that is humiliating Zambians during PF induced by elections where people are being made to line up for handouts in exchange for votes.

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