President Lungu announces that he is committed to growing the Zambian Agricultural Sector, despite the challenges faced by Climate Change 


President Edgar Lungu has announced that his administration will commit to promoting agriculture, despite the climate change challenges and effects faced in the sector. 

President Lungu stated that he remains resolved to lead by example in appreciating how the sector can be utilised to improve the lives of communities and Zambians at large. The recognition and commitment from the President seems like a step in the right direction for Zambians, whose economy is heavily reliant on copper mining and affected by the markets fluctuating prices. 

However such claims bring little optimism to Zambian communities who have heard such commitments to growth before, though seen little progresses. As unemployment rates continue to soar. It comes as no surprise that so many Zambian’s feel betrayed and sceptical of President Lungu’s promises. 

Though however dubious Zambian’s may be about the prospect of President Lungu’s commitment to grow the agricultural sector, it is at least promising that he has recognised the importance of diversifying the Zambian economy. There is real potential for farmers to embrace climate change resilient measures e.g. practicing conservation farming, growing drought resilient crops and applying advice from technocrats, to work to improve crop yields. 

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