PF Reacts to KBF’s Call on Lungu to Step Aside 


The Chairman of the Patriotic Front, Nathan Chanda has denounced Kelvin Bwalya Fube’s call for President Edgar Lungu to step down as an act of bitterness and sheer hunger for power. 

During the launch of his “Zambia Shall Prosper II” book in Lusaka on Tuesday, KBF called on President Lungu to pass on his leadership to him, and they would take the criticisms on his behalf. 

Yesterday, Nathan Chanda directed his concerns through the PF’s official Facebook page, stating that in his opinion he believes KBF continuously uses the wrong platforms to air his grievances conceding the party and it’s leadership. As well as, calling on KBF to come out in the open if he had formed a new party.

“We remind him to use right channels to air any grievances that he may have unlike the unbecoming conduct that he has been exhibiting of late which is very regrettable. We are fully aware that ba KBF wants attention and sympathy from the PF general membership and the Zambian people if disciplined for acting in a manner that is likely to bring the name the party into public ridicule, contempt or disrepute. He wants to play a victim. These are old ways of doing politics. If ba KBF has formed a party, he should just come out in the open instead of wasting the party’s time,” Chanda stated, further reminding KBF not to forget that he was among the delegates that elected President Lungu as party leader at the PF convention in Kabwe in 2014.

And Eastern Province chairperson Andrew Lubusha has stated that there was no vacancy for the presidency of the party and the country.

“While we remain grateful for any role he could have played in the party, it i very sad that his ambitions have led him astray. Surely, the party doesn’t owe him the presidency like he has convinced himself,” stated Lubusha. “It is abnormal…why should KBF talk as though there is a vacancy for the position of president in the party? There is clearly and definitely no vacancy  for president of PF so what is KBF’s motive?”

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