Kambwili calls Lungu 'double toungued'

CHISHIMBA Kambwili says if President Edgar Lungu does not come out strong against known PF cadres insulting him and threatening to kill him in a video that has gone viral then he is also a thug himself.

 Commenting on a video threatening violence against him, Kambwili said instead turned the heat on President Lungu, whom he called a hypocrite, who says one thing and does the opposite.

 Kambwili said President Lungu was quoted saying there should be not PF cadres transported from one place to an area where a by-election was taking place but the opposite happened in Roan Constituency.


Kambwili said the President was aware that PF cadres were transported from various places within the Copperbelt and outside during the Roan Constituency by-election.


“The President was telling us that whoever is going to be involved in violence will not be spared but do they want to spare those people and say they distance themselves from them? …if they are not PF, who are they? Let them not think people are stupid, all I want is justice. This is the second time that the PF have done a video where they are insulting me; the first video they were singing songs, openly insulting me at their secretariat [in Lusaka] and nobody condemned it, not even the Minister of Religion [Reverend Godfridah Sumaili], not even the President and their secretary general,” Kambwili complained.


Kambwili said the PF’s statement distancing themselves from the cadres and their action would not fool anyone because the video clearly reveals known PF cadres in vehicles from State House that were used by President Lungu’s political advisor Kaizar Zulu.


“Is this the way we are going to run this country? This simply means that if the President cannot come out strongly then he is also a thug himself. Where I come from, we say uwenda na ngoshe, nokubeya eumubeya. So if the President cannot act on that, to condemn it and those thugs handedover to the police then he is also a thug. You can fool people for a while but you can’t fool them forever. Those people in the video are known PF cadres, those vehicles are State House vehicles that are used by Kaizar Zulu, so how can they think we are so stupid?” Kambwili said.


“The message is very clear in that video, it’s self-explanatory and does not need anybody to even waste time to analyse whether those are PF, those are vehicles that were here [in Roan] during the campaign and those are people from intercity and Soweto…they are known PF thugs who are usually used by Kaizar Zulu and for anybody to say they distance the PF from that…is thinking that people don’t think. Let the police investigate and bring those culprits to book so that they can point at who sent them to come and do what they were doing here. Those people were sent by State House.”

The former information minister said President Lungu was double-tongued who did not mean what he says on the issue of violence.

He, however, urged the PF to hand over the cadres in the video to the police for the law to take its course.

“The man does not mean his words, he was busy at the airport saying they are not going to bring cadres from outside but one of the cadres who has been arrested at Mapatamatu police station, who was one of those hacking my people is from Ndola, Chifubu Constituency. Does he think the people of Zambia are so foolish that they cannot differentiate sense from nosense? The man is full of nothing but rhetoric, he says one thing and does the other. He knows that thugs were brought from Lusaka, that thugs were brought from Kabushi, thugs were brought from Kitwe, thugs were brought from Chingola but he wants to play damn. Tell that Don Mungule, youth chairman for the Coperbelt, that their days are numbered; all those will go to prison. The best thing they can do is to condemn that and hand over those thugs to the police rather than distancing PF from that nonsense, people must own up and say enough is enough,” said Kambwili.

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