Civil Servants Salaries Delayed Until March 8th


The Ministry of Finance has announced that February salaries will be delayed until after March 8th.  So far only Teachers, officers under military, police and the intelligence have received their salaries.


This makes it one of the longest salaries delays hitting the civil service in recent times, sources at the Ministry of Finance say government has faced some difficulties in managing its Payroll Management and Establishment Control (PMEC) system.


However other sources have said that the Government has in fact failed to raise sufficient revenue to fund the salaries it owes, due to poor economic performance.


And Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union President Davy Chiyobe has continued delays in paying salaries to civil servants.


Mr Chiyobe said the delays to settle civil servant salaries is a breeding ground for corruption.


“The situation is becoming desperate now. Our members are in the dark about what is happening to their salaries. The date has moved from 23rd/ 24th of the month to unknown dates. Government must clearly communicate if it is having any challenges in paying our members,” Mr Chiyobe said.


“Delays in paying salaries offers an incentive to our members to engage in corruption and if the situation does not change, we will see a lot of corruption cases involving government workers,” he said.

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