Chanda Kasonda Calls for Assassination Attempt on HH To Be Looked Into


The Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo has said that the police should take claims that an assassination attempt was made on HH seriously.


International law enforcement agencies have been called to investigate already, including the ICC. Mr Kasolo told QTV News that if such a serious allegation is made then it is incumbent on Zambian security wings to investigate.


Last month Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema said that police fired live ammunition at him and his supporters in Sesheke. The incident happened during a political rally in the southwest of the country. Mr Hichilema’s Spokesman Brian Mwiinga also confirmed the incident in an interview.


“Our lives are in danger as Police and PF cadres are discharging live ammunition at us and our people. We appeal to the Nation to remain calm but steadfast for any eventualities to come,” Mr Hichilema posted on his Facebook page.


As of yet, no formal Zambian investigation has taken place. Critics have questioned if this would be the case if a PF MP had faced an assassination attempt.

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