Prophet Bushiri Case Continues


The Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, leader of the Christian Gathering Church, and his wife Mary were arrested on Monday for fraud, money laundering and contravention of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act (POCA), committed from 2015, in relation to Exchange Control Regulations related to foreign currency in an amount of US$1 147 200.


ECG spokesperson Maynard Manyowa confirmed the arrest. "This (Friday) morning, around 07:00 in the morning armed members of the police stormed Sparkling Waters Hotel in Rustenburg, South Africa. We were later made aware that they were members of the Directorate for Priority Investigations (Hawks). They took the Prophet and our mother Prophetess Mary Bushiri in handcuffs to Pretoria."


The Prophet has now hired one of the most expensive criminal lawyers in South Africa to defend him – Barry Roux. Mr Roux gained notoriety when he defended murder convict Paralympian Oscar Pistorius in 2014.


Many of his followers are upset and view the hiring of Roux as hypocritical.


South Africa’s renown advocate and whistle-blower, Man’s Not Barry Roux who tweets at AdvBarryRoux alleged that Bushiri’s followers will foot the embattled prophet’s legal bills.


“So, Barry Roux has displaced Anointed Oil? Now it’s no longer ‘Jesus fights our battles, no stress’ but ‘Barry Roux will try his best to fight out battles’!.. conmen in times of difficulties and tribulations will jump onto fellow men for help. This how you can know them” another commented.


But Bushiri’s Communications Director, Ephraim Nyondo, said that Roux has always been a family attorney.


“There is no change in the usual legal team of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s as he goes for bail hearing tomorrow with South Africa’s top advocate Barry Roux, again, leading ECG leader’s defense team. Advocate Roux has always been Bushiri’s family lawyer” said Nyondo.


Bushiri and his wife are expected to appear in court this morning to file for bail.

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