GBM Claims Chitotela Was Arrested Over Presidential Ambitions


The Vice President of the UPND, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, has stated the that the arrest of the Minister for Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela was politically motivated. The former PF member told press that it was due to Chitotela’s Presidential ambitions that the ACC apprehended him.


Speaking at a media briefing GBM noted that the PF had known for years about Chitotela’s corrupt activities and could have arrested him back in 2013 when he was fired by Michael Sata for criminal behaviour.


“Late President Michael Sata fired Chitotela from his ministerial position for corruption. Even at the time of re-appointment by Edgar Lungu, it was already a well-known fact that the man was corrupt, and it beat any sensible reason as to why the man was appointed to such a sensitive ministry despite his background. We take it the administration stood to benefit from his corruption. But unfortunately, the man has become too ambitious, wanting to challenge his boss through Luapula United grouping hence falling out of favour of the appointing authority,” Mr. Mwamba said.


The UPND Vice President said the war within the Patriotic Front is becoming fierce with both Muchinga and Luapula provinces positioning themselves for either the Presidency or running mate for the 2021 election thus making Edgar and his associates jittery knowing that the two groupings were too powerful to be ignored.


“It is likely that the arrest on Chitotela was sanctioned and we expect more ambitious people especially in his cabinet to arrested on ‘corruption charges’. Luapula united is very serious on its ambitions and now those in Muchinga are also positioning themselves for the challenge under the Muchinga united front. Its war in there and Chitotela has been merely sacrificed for being too ambitious, just like NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili was investigated and questioned by ACC for being in possession of money believed to be proceeds of crime.” said Mr. Mwamba.


“What I can tell the nation is that this arrest whether genuine or a mere public relations stunt aimed at giving credence to Chitotela’s eventual dismissal is long overdue because the whole country knows how corrupt the Infrastructure minister is coupled with his Presidential ambitions. PF thrives on corruption but his ending will be bad as it will be engineered from within the PF by the same corrupt elements he appointed into government”, Mr. Mwamba further said.


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