Hichilema Pleads with ECZ ‘Not to Be an Accomplice to PF’s Agenda’

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United Party for National Development has made a complaint to the Electoral Commission of Zambia over the alleged harassment of its parliamentary candidate Romeo Kang’ombe, ahead of the Sesheke parliamentary by-elections.


Hakainde Hichilema addressed journalists outside the ECZ stating that the PF had been using police to harass the UPND candidate after he refused to stand on their ticket.


The opposition leader noted that since the PF came to power campaigns have been marred with violence and a rampant abuse of public resources by PF campaigners.


He implored the ECZ to ensure transparent, free, fair and credible elections;


“We held a meeting with the Electoral Commission of Zambia officials and reminded them to be impartial and hold elections in a manner that does not subdue our country’s democracy. We also advised the Electoral body not to allow the PF’s continued intimidation on our Sesheke parliamentary candidate Romeo Kang’ombe. We told the ECZ officials that elections must be a source of pride and joy for our people to choose leaders of their choice who can deliver development as opposed to the violence and hate speech we are seeing in our country,” said Hichilema.

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