Government Undertakes Feasibility Studies on Mass Transit Train in Lusaka  

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The Minister for Transport and Communications Brian Mushimba has announced that feasibility studies have been completed for a mass transit train in Lusaka. In addition, he noted that designs are also underway.


The government are now said to be looking into the best financing options for this project. Although it’s likely it will involve Chinese money and engineering as the Minister noted on Twitter that an MOU was signed with China.


The aim of the train is to bring traffic in from the outskirts of Lusaka to the Central Business District and even the airport. The project is also aimed at reducing the number of vehicles in the city centre which is increasingly causing traffic jams and worsening air quality for residents.


Mr Mushimba has since appealed to Zambians to support the project.


“We shall share additional info at the right time. All I wanted to share today is that there is such a project and engineering has been completed. It’s good to have a healthy dose of scepticism. But people doubted that we were launching Zambia Airways. We kept asking them to believe because the domino effect of having an airline is massive. We are flying in 2019,” he stated


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