DRC Candidate Fayulu Asks For Court To Annul Election Result n


A candidate in the DRC elections, Martin Fayulu, who came runner up has appealed to the constitutional court to annul the result.


"The request seeks the annulment of the result declaring Felix Tshisekedi president," his lawyer Feli Ekombe told reporters outside the court on Saturday.


The runner up has accused the new President Felix Tshisekedi of taking a deal with outgoing President Joseph Kabila .


Tshisekedi's victory shocked pollsters and was immediately disputed by the opposition and Western powers. The influential Catholic Church also rejected the official result, based on tallies by its 40,000-strong observer team.


The DRC has been tense in recent days with rising violence across the country raising fears of a breakdown of law and order, similar to the violence that broke out in the central African country after the 2006 and 2011 elections.


There have been isolated incidents of post-election violence around the nation of 80 million people, and on Friday, police confronted opposition protesters in the eastern city of Goma, killing at least one person.

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