President Lungu Calls for African Representation On UN Security Council


 Whilst in New York at the UN General Assembly President Edgar Lungu has noted concern that Africa continues to remain outside the United Nations Security Council.


The President stated that it had in fact been 40 years since the Security Council made a resolution to reform and make itself truly representative. President Lungu told the UN Member States that the reform of the Security Council is not only a matter of common decency and correction of historical injustice but also a subject of restoring the dignity of Africa.


President Lungu has reiterated Africa’s position that the Continent should have two Permanent Members in the Security Council with all the privileges and obligations that come with the status as well as having five non-Permanent Seats.


In addition, he called for a Non-Permanent Seat for Small Islands Development Countries (SIDCs) who have unique but very real challenges.

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