Musukwa Calls For Operations To Be Halted At Black Mountain

Minister for Mines Richard Musukwa has ordered a total stop to all mining operations taking place around the infamous Black Mountain.

The Minister was visiting the site of one of Zambia’s recent tragedies, when he noted that benching of the slag dump had started without an approved mining plan.

He called for all operations to be brought to a halt so as to avoid a reoccurrence of the incident that took 10 Zambians’ lives.

 “This is a national matter that has attached national interest, so we must be able to operate at that platform. I have not seen the mine plan and I do not need to see the operations. I don’t want to see these machines working because I don’t have the mine plan can you stop the machines, all the machines that are working need to stop until I see a mine plan approved by my technical team,” Musukwa ordered.



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