UPND’s Chililabombwe Candidate Defects To The PF


The UPND had felt they were making gains in Chililabombwe following a loss there in the 2016 elections, however Trudy Ng’andu has dealt a blow to the opposition party by defecting to the ruling PF.


She announced her defection this weekend, taking with her other UPND members.


In her speech she blamed lack of clear leadership in the UPND;


“We have been like this since the 2016 elections, there is no activity in the party then why should we stay, we can’t only be busy during elections, sure leaders need to outline party activities, I also want to appeal to people in the PF that as we join welcome us, our interest is to help develop this town, government has so far done its best and I want to be part of that agenda,” she said.


The former UPND candidate also called for the government to consider the delimitation of Chililabombwe into two constituencies.

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