Sweden Stops All Social Cash Transfers


 Following DfID, Sweden have now formally announced that they will be freezing funding to Zambia over suspected misuse of funds.


The Swedish development arm, SIDA, will be freezing all support alongside Finland and Ireland who have now followed suit.


Sweden have stated that although they support cash transfers to the poorest and most vulnerable people, increasing evidence suggests that the cash is being siphoned off elsewhere, leaving the vulnerable people still in need.


The Zambian Office of the Auditor General will be investigating the matter and both SIDA and DfID will be watching closely. It is not clear. Exactly how much has gone missing but so far Sweden has sent 130 million SEK.


Upon this news SIDA stated:


“Corruption is a societal problem that hampers development and makes it more difficult to combat poverty. SIDA works actively to detect corruption, acts on all suspicions of corruption of misuse within our contributions and supports anti-corruption in our cooperation countries,”

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