Are PF and Chinese Government Scapegoating the NDC?


There has perhaps unsurprisingly being an increase in negative press surrounding the Chinese governments continued and increased involvement in Zambia. Some of the more concerning allegations include that the PF have put down KK Airport, ZESCO and ZNBC as collateral if they default on their Chinese debts, which is very likely.


The Chinese and PF are said to be feeling the heat and in an attempt to defelct attention away from them have accused opposition National Democratic Congress of receiving international funding (from a Western Government) to push negative media stories.


The NDC are vehemently denied this claims with the NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge stating their anti-Chinese view comes not from imperialist nations but their own deep rooted concerns over the relationship.  


And Mr. Musenge has challenged government to name the opposition political parties and nongovernmental organizations that the West is allegedly using to discredit China.


Mr. Musenge told q-news that the NDC has a lot of respect for Western Countries because most of them are promoting democracy and good governance in a number of African countries.


He stated that this is why he is concerned that the ruling PF has embarked on a deliberate attempt to discredit western nations. Which if true would be a risky move as more Western governments have taken steps to withhold any funding from Zambia until corruption is addressed.

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