Wynter Kabimba Implores Government To Be Honest About Debt


 The Rainbow Party’s leader has asked President Lungu to be more candid in disclosing Zambia’s actual public debt when he comes to open Parliament this Friday.

Wynter Kabimba stated that the true figure of Zambia’s debt is still in contention and that Zambians are hungry to know the truth about our current financial crisis.


In an interview with QTV News by telephone Mr. Kabimba said his party, in particular, has observed that the Zambian economy is depressed by public debt and does not seem to be growing.


He has argued that the PF government is failing to address issues that people are concerned about, high levels of unemployment for example. In addition, he has asked that the President address the issue of mining companies. The veteran politician asked that President Lungu inform the nation how much money the government receives from Mining taxes and where this goes.


And President Edgar Lungu is this Friday expected to officially open Parliament. The significance of the Presidential address to the house will be to explain government policies and intentions. Chief Whip Stephen Chungu has told media that thereafter, Members of Parliament will debate the President’s speech. Mr. Chungu said the Minister of Finance will present the 2019 budget on September 28.

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