HH Warns Zambians Harsh Weather Conditions Could Disrupt Food Access


The Leader of the UPND Hakainde Hichilema has warned Zambians that there is a 70% chance of recurrence of El Nino for 2018 and 2019. In light of this he has suggested Zambians consider stocking up on food, most notably maize and only sell that which is really in excess.


In addition, he suggested Zambians look to more drought resistance crops like millet, sorghum and cassava. A seasoned farmer himself he implores citizens to explore crop diversification.


He has criticised the PF government as a regime that thrives when firefighting and is prone to knee jerk measures and corrupt practices, all of which fail to prepare the country for difficult times such as a period of drought.


“Highly reputable World weather forecast organizations have sounded the warning and like Joseph of the Old Testament did, we in the UPND have now done our part in warning citizens and those controlling national resources on the practical measures that must be undertaken to achieve the intended objectives for the benefit of all our people,” he said.


“The purpose of such forecasts is not necessarily to scare people, but to warn World communities especially those with vulnerable and poor economies like ourselves, to brace for eventualities so that we make adequate mitigatory measures to counter the effects of the weather. As we may know, EL Nino causes severe weather conditions that can gravely affect food security in the country and at households,” he said.


He added, “it is in view of foregoing that we would like to urge those in-charge of the national resources and the citizens at large to take practical steps in case of the recurrence of the EL Nino conditions. For those controlling national resources, it is important that they mop up all excess and uncollected maize and other crops around the country at attractive prices to the farmers and place them as strategic reserves.”


“We must invest in better weather monitoring technology and improve our collaboration with experts in the field in order to improve our preparedness for uncertain times. This will also advantage our farming communities and empower them with well informed decisions pro actively,” Mr Hichilema said.

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