President Lungu Commemorates 10 Years Since Mwanawasa’s Passing

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President Lungu has laid a wreath on the gravesite for the late President of Zambia Levy Mwanawasa. The President then went onto speak at the 10th memorial service for the late Dr Mwanawasa at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross yesterday.

Putting party difference aside, Lungu stated the memories of his strong leadership were still alive and well.  The President cited the brotherly hand shake that the late Dr. Mwanawasa extended to the late Mr. Sata before he died as an indication of a good leader.

“This was truly a sign of a great leadership in the late President Mwanawasa, whose gesture transcended politics,” he said.

The Head of State further said President Mwanawasa had a vison for Zambia to be a just society in which the rule of law prevailed and where all citizens had equal opportunities regardless of their circumstances.

And speaking at the same event, widow to the late President, Maureen Mwanawasa expressed gratitude to the way the people of Zambia mourned her husband.

She also thanked the citizenry for according her late husband the opportunity to lead them a republican President until his demise.

Dr. Mwanawasa said that her husband was passionate about the rule of law saying he had a deep sense of justice and the abrogation of the law was non-negotiable with him.

She also commended her husband for intentionally seeking for reconciliation between the various political rifts at the time hence urged the church to use their reconciliatory role to unite the country.


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