Dora Siliya Continues To Face Backlash Over WhatsApp Tax


Dora Siliya has continued to face serious back lash from her twitter followers over the introduction of a 30 ngwee charge on internet calls.

Many have branded the tax as absurd, with Siliya stating it’s for the benefit of Zambians when in fact it limits communication and put more money in the PF pocket.

In one tweet the Minister wrote:

‘WhatsApp, Facebook messages etc no tariff. 30 ngwee tariff on internet CALLS to support infrastructure to improve and expand network and save jobs. Zamtel, Airtel, MTN invest in infrastructure. WhatsApp, Facebook don’t but getting richer. Zambians jobs first.’

Many of her followers reacted by pointing out that the PF have done little to prove they use our taxes for public development so why would this tax be any better?

Tweeters aired their concerns...

Henry Sampa: Hon. Please don’t drink and tweet….

Jonathan: We buy talk time with taxes for data bundles from Airtel, Zamtel, and MTN and not from Facebook and WhatsApp. Just tell the nation that you have messed up the economy and you are looking for more money to mismanage. Zambians are already overtaxed, reverse this useless tariff.

Andyford M. Banda: You have a difficult job. I can imagine justifying the unjustifiable.



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