Miles Sampa Continues to Pledge 100 Days of Change


Aspiring Mayoral candidate Miles Sampa has continued to outline his 100 days of change program for Lusaka. Yesterday he pledged to remove all historical undesignated garbage dumps in an attempt to clean up the city.

In addition he announced that if elected he would improve council’s revenue bases by sealing all leakages and add to is by introducing more stringent bill board levies.

Furthermore Sampa has claimed within 100 days he will ensure markets and bus stations are organised better, begin feasibility studies on the creation of a train system and plant trees in a bid to make the city greener.

He has undoubtedly committed himself to an incredibly busy 100 days in office should he win the poll – critics argue he is promising too much and that citizens will find many of his campaign promises will be left behind.  

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