Archbishop Chama Warns Cadre Culture Could Worsen Tribal Violence


The Vice President of Zambia’s Conference of Catholic Bishops has expressed deep concern over the increasing spirit of ‘cadre-ism’ in Zambia. He has warned that if left unchecked it will turn into tribal violence and set the country back.

“These cadres who belong to various political parties are taking advantage of this and they are manipulating the situation. They are behind most reported political violence that is taking place in Zambia,” Archbishop Chama said.

Archbishop Chama noted that although Zambia has not yet experienced any tribal wars like other countries in Eastern Africa, the country is facing an inherent tribal tension that needs to be checked.

“We have not seen in Zambia tribal wars as such, but underneath the current seemingly peaceful existence we have, this thing [tribe war] is burning and from time to time we hear there is violence especially during elections,” Archbishop Chama noted.

The Prelate further urged Zambians to work together towards coexistence and that this ethnic diversity can bring about meaningful development to our country.

“Zambia is a country that has 73 ethnic groupings and that this ethnic diversity is a gift from God that we have. We can use this gift as the opportunity for us to grow together in unity and peace and enhance our development”, Archbishop Chama said.

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