Support Grows for Christopher Shakafuswa’s Mayoral Bid

22 of the 32 PF Councillors from Lusaka have endorsed Mpulungu Ward 23 Councillor, Christopher Shakafuswa to stand as mayoral candidate for the Patriotic Front and have since petitioned the Party Central Committee.

His supporters say he is sellable and that the candidate should be one who is people-friendly like Mr. Shakafuswa who has unshakably stood by the ideals and principles of the party and will prioritise service delivery.

In the petition submitted to the party Secretary general yesterday, the 22 Councillors have assured the party that they have gotten to know each other best and developed a working culture that should not be broken by introducing a new mayor who will have to learn the job for the next 2 years and that councillor Shakafuswa is he uniting factor whom they are ready to work with.

Christopher Shakafuswa had in 2016 applied to contest the 2016 mayoral elections but came second during PF intra party selection, and was later the party’s candidate of choice for the Deputy Mayor until the confusion that saw both Tasila Lungu and Christopher Shakafuswa standing down to pave way for the current Lusaka Deputy Mayor.

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