Kalaba and Kambwili's Party Faces The Axe

Harry Kalaba’s and Chishimba Kambwili's Democratic Party has yet to shake off the Registrar of Societies, who have issued a notice of reregistration issued for the newly formed opposition political party.

Kalaba who is Bahati Patriotic Front Member of Parliament is doubling as defacto Democratic Party leader although the party has only publicly named him as their presidential candidate for the 2021 general elections.

The Registrar of Societies has been on the DP’s tail with a recent random inspection at its offices finding that the party had yet to meet the criterion to fully operate.

Kabemba has alleged that the announcement by the Party that Kalaba will contest as Presidential candidate on Democratic Party has unsettled those in power.

She said threats of de-registration by the registrar of societies are just political manoeuvres to frustrate the Democratic Party.

Kabemba expressed shock as to why the Registrar of Societies is claiming that Democratic Party is dormant when it recently accepted remittance of many other obligations recently.

The Registrar of Societies has written to the Democratic Party of its intentions to de-registrar the party based on a random inspection conducted at its party’s secretariat recently.

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