World Bank Reports that 75% of Zambian Cabinet Decisions Are Never Implemented


In the World Bank’s ‘Zambia Systematic Country Diagnosis’ report, the World Bank reported that Zambia has a weak capacity to manage public expenditure and implement policy programs which is undermining service delivery.

“The weak capacity to manage public expenditures and implement policy programs is also undermining the effectiveness of public policy on service delivery. Evidence suggests that policy implementation has always been weak in Zambia. A tracking study revealed that 75 percent of the Cabinet decisions are never implemented. For example, Zambia has a free education policy, and primary schools are supposed to receive government grants to ensure every child has access to education.”

The People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) President Andyford Banda has expressed his concerns over this report in a recent briefing.

He stated that the report was an eye opener to the government and that the Cabinet must do more to implement the many promises it makes.

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